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Freefly Robotics

Combining deep technical insight with creativity to build useful tools for the world

Exploded view of a Freefly Robotics brushless motor

Power / Precision / Reliability

Brushless Motors

Our innovative designs deliver the precision, torque, and repeatability users need to get the job done. We've optimized our designs by carefully considering size, weight, performance, and customer needs.

Freefly Robotics Motors are used in products in the film, drone and industrial markets around the world.

Triptych of Freefly Robotics technology in use in a camera stabilizer, a drone and the arc200 motor drive
  • Freefly Robotics technology integrated in the MōVI Pro
  • Freefly Robotics technology integrated in the ALTA drone
  • Freefly universal motor drive, ARC200

Powerful / Quiet / Small / Lightweight

Motor Drives

Motors are boring if you can't control them precisely or get them to spin. So we've built a highly effective robotics ecosystem that allows universal 'devblocks' to connect sensor, drives, and motors with humans. We're constantly tackling the tough problems in motor control like smooth sensor-less startup, field weakening, and auto-tuning sinusoidal motor drives.

Triptych showing Freefly Robotics sensors in use in drone piloting, MōVI Pro camera stabilizer and Synapse auto pilot technology
Abstract pink vector diagram representing the interconnectivity of Freefly Robotics sensors

Intelligent Motion


We built the SYNAPSE intelligent auto pilot to tell our motors to do useful things. It features solid state MEMS sensors coupled with GPS to enable our robots to control position accurately. And it's completely modular so we can constantly expand the sensors that feed it data.

  • Freefly Robotics sensors being used in drone piloting
  • Freefly Robotics sensors being used in MōVI Pro camera stabilizer
  • Freefly Robotics sensors being used to create rainbow long exposure drone photography in a helix pattern
  • Freefly Robotics synapse auto pilot close up