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More Power, Less Noise

  • High flex, high strand count wiring
  • Capable of 50v input voltage and 200A
  • Enclosed in a machined aluminum case with excellent thermal transfer
Photo of Freefly Robotics Arc200 Universal Motor Drive
Sketch of the Freefly Robotics Arc200 universal motor drive

Lightweight and Versatile Design

  • Supports a variety of inputs including CAN, Analog, PWM, UART
  • Multiple mounting points for easy installation
  • Weighs just 265 grams
Motion blurred photo of Freefly Robotics customer using a long board skateboard modified with motor assist

Silent Sine Drive

The Arc200 features sinusoidal motor control so you can ride, skate, or bike without the annoying 10 - 16 khz screech in your ear.

Additionally the Arc200 offers reduced torque ripple, smooth motion, and more precise motor control.

Simple Setup

Setting up the drive is straightforward. Select your control mode (torque, velocity, voltage), configure your control input, then hang on for your test ride.

  • Skateboard
  • Drone
  • E-Boat / Surfboard
  • E-bike
  • RC Car
  • Cable Cam
  • RC Plane
  • Skateboard
  • Drone
  • E-Boat / Surfboard
  • E-bike
  • RC Car
  • Cable Cam
  • RC Plane

For custom motor setups you can use the autotune feature to quickly derive optimal settings for your motor.

Over the shoulder view of Freefly Robotics customer using reporting and diagnostics features

Reporting & Diagnostics

The Arc200 logs key data and users can review using the windows app. The drive provides a 5V power source for receivers, controllers, and features an API to allow even more advanced integrations.

Photo of reliable Freefly Robotics Arc200 components

Real World Reliability

We use waterproof latching connectors on the signal inputs, XT 90 for the power input, and 8mm bullet connectors for the phase wires.


  • Input Voltage: 4S (13.6v) - 12S (50.4v)*
  • Max peak phase current: 200A
    • Continuous current with little to no heatsinking (hot-side facing upwards and unobstructed): 60A
    • Continuous current when bolted to a typical EV aluminum chassis: 100-150A
    • Continuous current with infinite aluminum heatsink or water cooling, and forced air cooling on phase wires: 200A
  • Control Inputs: PWM, Analog (1x combined throttle/brake or independent throttle and brake), UART/CAN (for advanced users to interface through the Freefly API's QX protocol)
  • DC-Input: XT90
  • Phase-Output: 8mm Female Bullet

* (motor inductance must be above 12uH when operating over 6S battery voltage or damage may occur and warranty void!)

  • Sensor support: Fully sensorless, digital hall sensors, PWM
  • Operating modes: Torque mode (EV), speed mode (Multirotor, requires advanced user tuning), angle/servo mode (experimental, requires advanced user tuning and high-resolution motor encoder)
  • 23.4kHz switching frequency for zero audible PWM noise
  • Integrated 5A 5V BEC (Recommended continuous-current draw to be kept less than 3A)
  • Water resistant and splash proof - integrate into your application to avoid continuous water exposure
Freefly Robotics user sitting on a souped up mini scooter


Check out our detailed knowledge base for complete specs and guides to get you up and running fast.

If you get stuck, we’re here to help. The Arc200 is backed by an industry-leading support team with 24-hour turnaround time for warranty repair or replacement.

See you on the trail—we’ll be the ones on the tiny scooters going 40mph!